“Unbridled” by Kathryn Mapes Turner

“Unbridled” by Kathryn Mapes Turner

The artwork of Kathryn Mapes Turner has unfolded from the mountain valley of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. As a daughter of the Northern Rockies, she was born and raised on the Triangle X Ranch in Grand Teton National Park. She grew up riding the trails of the valley, learning wilderness lore and gaining an eye for landscape. The happy synergy of a receptive spirit and a place of magnificent beauty set the course for her life.

Turner was selected as the Featured Artist for the 2018 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE). SEWE celebrates is 36th annual event February 16 through 18 and is the premiere wildlife art show in the Southeast, held in Charleston, South Carolina. Turner’s painting, Unbridled, was selected as the Featured Painting .

“It is a deep honor to be selected to be the featured artist for this year’s Southeastern Wildlife Exposition,” said Turner. “Having been passionate about painting animals since I was a young girl, this is an unprecedented opportunity for me as an artist. My goal is to create work for the show that expresses my profound respect for the natural world and inspire the viewer to understand the interconnectedness we share.”

Unbridled depicts the wild horses that live in the wide-open spaces of the West. “In the high desert plains of my native Wyoming, they live as mustangs, without domestication or fences,” said Turner. “Their range is as vast as the distant horizon line. In this image, I wanted to capture this wild freedom that is such a romantic notion in my own heart and one that expresses the spirit of the American West.”

“The Featured Painting is a powerful image and sets an exciting tone for the complete body of work yet to come,” adds SEWE Executive Director John Powell. “We believe the subject and style of Unbridled is going to resonate with an even broader audience. Collectors and wildlife art enthusiasts will be on-hand in February to celebrate Kathryn and another extraordinary group of artists.”

Turner’s original painting will be available at auction during the VIP Preview Gala and Sale, February 15, 2018. Learn more at www.sewe.com.

More about SEWE: Established in 1983, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) has proudly presented the finest in wildlife art, conservation and the sporting lifestyle. The 36th annual SEWE will be held in multiple venues throughout downtown Charleston, SC, from February 16-18, 2018, with VIP events beginning on Thursday, February 15. SEWE draws more than 40,000 viewers each year from across the nation.

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