“Grand Central” by Radhika Srinivas

“Grand Central”

16 x 12 in

Watercolor on paper

Available from the artist


Radhika Srinivas is an award-winning watercolor artist. Although she primarily paints in her home studio in Devon, PA, she enjoys sketching and painting outdoors and participates regularly in numerous juried shows both at the local and national level.

Her painting “Kuerner’s Tools” was the recent recipient of the Fine Art Connoisseur magazine ‘Best of Show’ award at the On Location Event organized by the Philadelphia Watercolor Society in conjunction with the Brandywine River Museum of Art. Her work is in many private collections across the United States and India.

Radhika’s various travels around the world are what inspire her art. Her paintings are meant to transport the viewers into the time and place depicted by the work to experience the feeling of being there. Urban landscapes are her specialty with emphasis on the architectural elements, as well as the suggestion of busy city life. Her very impressionistic and evocative style, with just enough suggestions and detail, weaves a story for the audience.

Watercolor is her primary medium of choice. She also experiments with charcoal paintings with striking accents in watercolor. Each painting begins with sketches, value and color studies from her own photographic references and memory.



Philadelphia Watercolor Society, Signature Member & board member

The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

American and The National Watercolor Society, Associate Member



Bachelor in Fine Arts from India

Diploma in textile designing from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

Certificate in graphic design from The Parsons School of Design

In the near future, Radhika hopes to begin teaching.

Art is the one journey, which does not have a destination. It’s forever a joyous learning process.


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