Sarah Blumenschein, “Sunlit,” 2016, pastel, 30 x 36 inches (PSNM 2016 People’s Choice Award)

The Pastel Society of New Mexico has chosen the new venue for the 26th National Pastel Painting Exhibition, slated to open March 2, 2018. Who landed the show?

Since 1991, the Pastel Society of New Mexico (PSNM) has held an annual national juried exhibition that has attracted submissions from artists across the United States, Canada, and Europe. For what is considered among the most prestigious fine art shows in the country, jurors select an average of 140-145 pieces, depending on scoring. In 2018, artist Dinah Worman will be judging the final pieces chosen by three nationally recognized artists serving as jurors: Susan Ogilvie, Jeanne Rosier Smith, and Frederick Somers.

Scheduled to open on March 2, 2018, next year’s exhibition will be hosted by the lovely Sorrel Sky Gallery at the gallery’s downtown location in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Shanan Campbell Wells, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery, said, “With their enduring and luminous nature, pastel paintings are experiencing a resurgence of interest among collectors and art enthusiasts. We see it as an honor to be chosen as the new venue of the PSNM, and to lend our support to this group of skilled and gifted artists.”

To learn more, visit Sorrel Sky Gallery.

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