“Pink PJs”
48 x 32 in.

Elevating everyday moments into fine art — this phrase has become my mantra as an artist and an art instructor. I am drawn to objects of beauty that still have the impression of the craftsman’s hand. I value all hand-cultivated arts and strive to incorporate such crafts into my paintings.

I work and teach in my home studio and garden in Alexandria, Virginia.

I am someone who seeks clarity of ideas. I am drawn to color, pattern, and detail. In my artwork, I am fascinated with incorporating the beauty I observe in my daily surroundings. As an artist, I always strive to celebrate the simple, yet meaningful, moments of life.

This painting, Pink Pajamas, is a recent addition to my series “Labor of Love” where hand-quilted quilts play a leading role in all the paintings. This series of paintings is an opportunity to explore the diversity of traditional quilts in paintings. Reacting to my personal delight found in age-old quilt patterns that appeal so much to my tactile senses, I use these paintings to explore these visual impressions of repeating geometric shapes and colors.

My goal for this painting was to capture my daughter’s essence on a lazy morning, the kind where pajamas, snuggling, and just enjoying the moment take precedent. The blue quilt that surrounds her is one I made for her. To me, the act of sewing and then providing a quilt to warm and wrap the body of a loved one is a very physical representation of love.

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