Katherine Fraser, "By Example," oil on canvas, 56 x 74 in.

Far from the Tree
February 23 through April 21, 2018
Paradigm Gallery + Studio (Pennsylvania)

From the gallery:

In her third solo exhibition with the gallery, Katherine Fraser draws inspiration from fables and explores what it means to have control over our own destinies; universally known stories and endings are suddenly given the ability to change.

In the artist’s most cohesive series to date, each character is presented with the agency to alter their own outcomes. For example, in the “The War of Independence,” the natural beauty of the Acadian National Park acts as the backdrop. Fraser grew up in rural Maine, and the landscape is a reference to the artist’s childhood — a symbol of a time when Fraser felt her most strong and independent.

Katherine Fraser, “The War of Independence,” oil on canvas, 54 x 60 in.

“When I use the rural landscape in my paintings, it symbolizes the homeland,” Fraser says. “I use it to create a feeling of peace and protection. I mostly paint solitary figures, and being alone in nature is the best kind of alone. In nature I feel most myself, vibrant, and at one with the world.”

In “Far from the Tree,” Fraser asks the viewers, “How much power do we really have to change the narratives of our own lives?”

To learn more about “Far from the Tree,” visit www.paradigmarts.org.

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