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"Selfie d'Orsay" (2017) by Heather Lynn Gibson, oil on canvas, 24 x 24 in., $3,160, Available from artist

“‘Selfie d’Orsay’ came about while I was enjoying the Musee d’Orsay, in Paris,” says Heather Lynn Gibson. “The morning sun illuminated the art museum’s huge grand hall and the gorgeous sculptures it displayed. A young lady standing in the middle of the room caught my attention. There amidst all the artistic splendor, she still felt the need to insert herself into her photo. It amused me.”

Heather Lynn Gibson graduated valedictorian from Hussian School Of Art in Philadelphia, with a split major in illustration and design. Her art career started with Walt Disney’s Animation Studio Florida, where she learned from some of the top artists in the field. Returning to her home state of New Jersey, Heather started her studio. As her art progressed, she gained more satisfied customers with her graphic design and illustration, such as Universal Studios, Disney Design Group, and TD Bank.

Today, Heather is devoted to her fine art and utilizes her years of design expertise in her paintings. By choosing unique subject matter, unexpected point-of-view, or bold placement of elements on her canvas, she adds an inventive twist to each of her paintings. Heather’s art is fresh. Bright colors of the underpainting pop throughout her final work, as her brushwork, highlights the texture of the canvas. Heather also enjoys the freedom of ragged strokes near the boundaries of her work to show the potential viewers how the series of thought out strokes made the whole.

Heather currently resides in Berlin, New Jersey with her son, Harrison, and her little dog, Sadie. She is a member of American Women Artists.

Awards within the past six months:

  • June/July 2017— PleinAir Magazine’s PleinAir Salon winner of “Best Outdoor Still Life” category for the painting titled, “Inner Tubes.”
  • August 2017— “Best Of Show” Ocean City Fine Art Boardwalk Show
  • Oct/Nov 2017— PleinAir Magazine’s PleinAir Salon winner of “Best Outdoor Still Life” category for the painting titled,”Detour On Main Street.”

“Selfie d’Orsay” is available at
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