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Julia Kostsova (b. 1983), “Sunset Dinner at Venetian Village,” 2015, oil on canvas, 36 x 48 in.

Neapolitan Moods: Florida Through Russian Eyes
January 17 through January 31, 2018
Naples, Florida

Plein air impressionists Irina Alexandrina, Viktorija Bulava, Julia Kostsova, Mikhail Shapovalenko, and Rustem Stahurski will participate in a colorful exhibition at East West Fine Art, for which these collections were specifically created on location. Titled “Neapolitan Moods: Florida Through Russian Eyes,” it highlights how these Russian-born artists capture the charm of Naples’s streets and the beauty of the coastline nearby.

“Julia Kostsova is a young artist from St. Petersburg who has gravitated to working in monumental sizes and epic subject matter,” the gallery says. “Her visits to Florida, she says, allow her to see the nature in a different light, tropical light. Originally, it was very difficult for her to achieve depth and the contrast, due to the bleaching effect of the southern Floridian light. She quickly learned to have her plein air sessions early in the morning or during the approaching evening to reflect [the] whole realm of the pearlescent colors of the dawn and deep, saturated palette of the tropical sunset.

Rustem Stahurski, “Naples Beach Hotel,” oil on canvas, 30 x 40

“Rustem Stahurski is a vivid representative of [the] Crimean school of impressionism, which is known for its bold experimentation with light, jewel-like colors and tendency to abstraction. Rustem’s Florida paintings are spontaneous and simple. He manages to avoid bright tropical colors, focusing on [the] play of light and shadows and bringing his restrained earthy color palette.

Mikhail Shapovalenko, “Nighttime on the Pier,” oil on canvas, 32 x 43

“Mikhail Shapovalenko is a mature and accomplished artist, chairman of the Kiev Artists’ Union, painting in the style of traditional impressionism. His art is known for its warm, earthy color palette and broad and fluid brushstrokes. Some of his Florida paintings are cozy and intimate garden scenes, while others are imposing and grand, depicting majestic sunsets and [the] vastness of the ocean.”

For more information about the exhibition and featured artists, visit eastwestfineart.com.

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