Art by Michael Kareken

Parts: Auto Salvage Drawings, 2014-2017
Through March 31, 2018
Groveland Gallery (Minnesota)

For the past three years, Michael Kareken has been visiting auto salvage yards and creating drawings of the skeletal remains of cars and trucks he discovers in these automotive graveyards. Over 100 drawings have been selected to create the book, PARTS. The accompanying exhibition will feature a selection of drawings that are included in the book.

Art by Michael Kareken

“At these sites cars and trucks sit in row upon row, stripped of body panels, engines, and other parts,” Kareken says. “Engines have been wrenched from their compartments, leaving a tangle of cables and hoses; dashboards are peeled away to reveal the normally hidden inner workings, and missing doors and seats leave the interior a hollowed-out skeleton. There is a disturbing sense of violation in the casual way the vehicles have been dismantled. Many of the drawings focus on small sections or parts of the cars, the forms dissolving into or emerging out of backgrounds of atmospheric tone and texture.”

Art by Michael Kareken

Visit Groveland Gallery’s website for more information at the exhibition and the art of Michael Kareken. 

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