Claude Monet paintings
Claude Monet, “Windmills near Zaandam (Moulins près Zaandam),” 1871, Oil on canvas, 48.3 × 74.2 cm, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (purchased with support from the BankGiro Loterij, the Nationaal Fonds Kunstbezit, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Mondriaan Fund, the Rembrandt Association, the VSB Foundation and the Vincent van Gogh Foundation) (S0503S2001) © Van Gogh Museum (Vincent Van Gogh Foundation), Amsterdam

The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Monet & Architecture
Through July 29, 2018
London, England

From the National Gallery:

With a focus on buildings and other structures in Claude Monet’s (1840–1926) works, this is the first exhibition devoted to the artist’s relationship with architecture, and invites us to see the ‘Father of Impressionism’ in an entirely new way. With more than seventy paintings by Monet, the exhibition spans his long career from its beginnings in the mid-1860s to the public display of his Venice paintings in 1912.

Claude Monet paintings
Claude Monet, “The Thames below Westminster (La Tamise et le Parlement),” about 1871, Oil on canvas, 47 x 73 cm, © The National Gallery, London

Buildings played substantial, diverse, and unexpected roles in Monet’s pictures. He painted historic structures such as Rouen Cathedral, and strikingly modern ones such as the Gare Saint-Lazare, Paris. As a daring young artist he exhibited in the Impressionist shows of the 1870s, and displayed canvases of the bridges and buildings of suburban Paris. Much later as an elderly man, he depicted the splendid architecture of Venice. Visiting London as a tourist Monet presents sites we all recognise — the Houses of Parliament, Waterloo Bridge, and Charing Cross Bridge — and reflects them back to us through his unique vision. For Monet, a building could represent the human presence or function as a compositional element.

Claude Monet paintings
Claude Monet, “The Saint-Lazare Railway Station (La Gare Saint-Lazare),” 1877, Oil on canvas, 54.3 x 73.6 cm, © The National Gallery, London

From Monet’s depictions of villages and picturesque settings, through his exploration of the modern city, and ending with his monumental series of works portraying Rouen Cathedral, the exhibition features loans from public and private collections from around the world, many of which have never been seen in the UK before.

Claude Monet paintings
Claude Monet, “Street under Snow, Argenteuil (Rue sous la neige, Argenteuil),” 1875, Oil on canvas, 71.1 x 91.4 cm, © The National Gallery, London

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