Fine art oil paintings - Daniel Gerhartz
Daniel Gerhartz, "A Quiet Winter's Night," 2018, oil, 30 x 36 in.

Daniel Gerhartz: The Continuum of Beauty
Museum of Wisconsin Art (summer 2018)

From the museum:

This exhibition of thirty-one paintings is the artist’s first major retrospective; it includes many new, never before seen works. His subjects hover between traditional figurative painting and portraiture; only about five percent of his production is true commissioned portraiture.

Fine art oil paintings - Daniel Gerhartz
Daniel Gerhartz, “Turquoise and Velvet,” 2017, oil, 48 x 30 in.

Gerhartz often depicts an interrupted moment, as if the sitter has just realized the artist’s presence. In the majority of his paintings, he relies on his wife, children, or a friendly farmer as models. These paintings are not portraits per se but rather vignettes, archetypes of maternal love, childhood simplicity, or grandfatherly affection; they often evoke an earlier and more humble way of life.

For Gerhartz, despite the currency of Conceptual or Postmodern styles, beauty is still a worthwhile aspiration. He finds inspiration and meaning in time-tested ideas about painting, simplicity, and family.

Editor’s Note: Watch Daniel Gerhartz work his way through “Her Mother’s Locket” in this art video workshop. Daniel holds nothing back as he freely shares his thought process while he develops this work and sees the composition through to completion. His concise description of how to read values, color temperatures, and edge control will give you more understanding as you begin your next work.

Fine art oil paintings - Daniel Gerhartz
Daniel Gerhartz, “Amethyst,” 2017, oil, 40 x 30 in.
Fine art oil paintings - Daniel Gerhartz
Daniel Gerhartz, “As One,” 2017, oil, 60 x 30 in.
Daniel Gerhartz, “Goodnight Moon,” 2017, oil, 48 x 30 in.

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