Botanical art -
Denise Ramsay, “The Tree, Fuchsia excorticata,” watercolor on paper

This summer, you may happen to be in one of 25 countries participating in the Worldwide Day of Botanical Art, in which dozens of galleries will celebrate our love of plant life in a simultaneous exhibition.

In addition to the USA, the Worldwide Day of Botanical Art will take place in Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, Mexico, southern Africa, and several other countries.

From Botanical Art Worldwide:

Botanical art is undergoing a worldwide renaissance, a movement that includes thousands of artists active in every corner of the globe. For this project, artists are working to document wild plants where they live to create a record of today’s botanical diversity. These artworks will be submitted for juried exhibitions in each participating country, on view this year.

Botanical art -
Beverly Allen, “Gymea Lily, Doryanthes excelsa,” watercolor on paper

This worldwide exhibition and its events will bring together institutions, organizations, artists, and the public to call attention to the importance of conserving our botanical diversity. Currently 25 countries are participating, representing artists and plants of six continents. Each country boasts unique habitats and plants that are common, rare, or threatened.

Botanical art -
Joan McGann, “Saguaro, Carnegiea gigantea,” ink and watercolor on paper

Worldwide Day of Botanical Art, May 18, 2018
Although each country’s exhibition will have its own opening and closing dates, all exhibitions will be on view on May 18, 2018, and each will have events scheduled to celebrate this historic project. For more information, please visit

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