Artists on Art magazine - Victor Wang -
Victor Wang, "A Sunflower Crown," oil and collage on canvas, 52 x 50 1/2 in.

The July/August 2018 issue of Artists on Art magazine features the satirical work of Leah Saulnier, new advice from Nancy Tankersley on painting from photographs, and a look at the multi-media work of Christopher Owen Nelson. Robin Ewers Carnes tells us how she sells her art on greeting cards, artists Kenny and Judy Harris show us what it’s like to be married to an artist, and Victor Wang takes us into his mixed-media portraits that are born of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Here’s a preview of the new Artists on Art magazine:

“The human figures in my paintings serve as vehicles to convey human experiences, representing the emotional tension and psychological drama of life’s turning points. Nostalgia, harmony, passion, agony, sadness, and pleasure are all revealed in my new body of work within the last decade.” ~Victor Wang, Fondness and Fright

Artists on Art magazine - Kenny Harris -
Kenny Harris, “Portrait of the Artist and his Wife,” oil on linen, 30 x 39 in.

“Art and life are intertwined together in the relationship. We don’t have to convince the other that a really good replica of a human skull is a necessary thing for the house — it is understood.” ~Kenny Harris, Two Artists, One Roof

Artists on Art magazine - Christopher Owen Nelson -
Christopher Owen Nelson, “Shapeshift, A Solo Exhibition,” Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Colorado

“My goal is to continuously analyze this connectivity in an attempt to convey the possibilities that lie within the nurturing of a human’s relationship with his or her surroundings.” ~Christopher Owen Nelson, A Constantly Evolving Shape

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