Until now, only the ultra-wealthy “jet set” could have access to a private curator to give them art education with each artwork they see.

Few people ever hear the stories behind the art and become well educated about art with the help of the best in the business — a former museum director, a prominent art book author, an art historian, and a museum curator who is now the editor-in-chief of an internationally recognized art magazine.

Even fewer ever have access to the top art experts in the world, who will be at your service as we visit their collections.

Furthermore, only a handful of art lovers have been allowed to join this one-of-a-kind group that provides them with private access to art treasures and behind-the-scenes privileges to view art that is rarely, if ever, available to the masses. In fact, the best art is often in private hands or tucked away for only a few to see.

This is for serious art lovers, and it will take you deep into the art world and provide you with better experiences than you ever dreamed possible.

If you’re craving one-on-one, private, no-holds-barred access to artworks without shoulder-to-shoulder crowds…

If you’re the kind of person who wants something special that is available to fewer than 48 people in the world…

If you want to see collections rarely seen by others…

If you want to learn about artists and see artworks you never knew existed…

And if you want to grasp what you’re seeing, how and why it relates to history and the art world as a whole…

Peter Trippi and I will be leading a rare, private-access group to give you an art experience that is unparalleled…

… providing laser-focused details that only true art connoisseurs can appreciate and going deep with you on every relevant detail…

… your head will be spinning and your smile beaming as you learn things only a true art lover can appreciate…

… here is your chance to take your art experiences… and your life

… to the max.

But we can fit exactly six more couples into this experience.

You see, this trip is strictly limited to people who genuinely appreciate art — those who have a true obsession with art and want to understand it at the deepest level.

Who needs this kind of super-intense art experience?

Art collectors who’ve hit a plateau and need to break through…
Rookies looking to get a fast track to art understanding with two art veterans watching their backs…
Art connoisseurs who wish to enrich their art experiences…
Artists seeking inspiration and education…
And anyone who understands that getting access to art from a behind-the-scenes perspective can kick-start the most exciting art adventures of their life.

As I said earlier, we’re only taking 48 carefully chosen patrons on this extreme art experience each year. And this year is even more special because it’s our 10th anniversary, with a very fresh and new trip we’ve never done before.

And I want you to have an opportunity to grab one of the remaining slots.

If, that is, you think an experience of this magnitude, several days of super-intensive art mentoring with us and seeing art treasures few others will ever see, might offer the kind of “unfair advantage” and unparalleled memories that would be helpful…

… to enrich your depth of art knowledge…
… as you see art treasures few others will ever experience…
… as you see art with top curators and your own private curator…
… as you gain fresh cocktail party stories for years to come…
… as you become one of the better educated art experts in your community.

Because of the high return rates of previous patrons, seats rarely open up for this exclusive adventure.

It usually takes a wedding, a funeral, a graduation, or a birth to keep people from coming on this exclusive trip, and some have not missed one trip in the last nine years.

Why? Because first right of refusal is always offered to our previous attendees.

A trip like this is what art lovers pray for. Because one painting, one collection, or exposure to one new artist or art story can change your entire understanding and appreciation for art…

Worth a Lifetime of Memories

So … are you in?

In the past many of our guests have told us, “We’ll sign up wherever you go, even if we’ve been there before, because we know it will be beyond amazing.”

And after nine remarkable European trips in a row … how do you come up with a trip that everyone can get excited about?

You make a pilgrimage to France … deep into the South of France — Provence and Nice — and you follow the trail of Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gauguin, Picasso, Matisse, Renoir, Chagall, Bonnard, Signac, and Corot. Plus you’ll discover local artists you may not have known, like Derain, Camoin, Chabaud, and Ambrogiani.

Not only is this a special trip unlike any other we’ve done, there are sure to be some special surprise experiences as we celebrate our 10th year. We’ve been known to throw in an unexpected visit to a private home rich with rare paintings, or to an artist’s studio or private family collection.

Imagine standing in the exact spot where Van Gogh was inspired and painted, or walking in the footsteps of Cezanne.

Suddenly, with the help of your private curator and as you see these areas in person, everything starts to gel and you experience a fresh new understanding of the meaning behind the art. It is here you will feel the presence of the great masters of France.

If you are serious about learning the secrets of the art world and treating your eyes to paintings and sculpture you have never seen before and may never have access to again … so you can put it all to use in your own life … then you should have already made up your mind.

But there is more than art…

On occasion we visit things so special we break into even smaller groups, as for this visit to a private villa’s art collection.

You’ll be taken to places you never even knew existed. In the past our guides or translators, who know their local areas very well, have been “blown away” by the places we take our guests, never knowing such things were in their own town. And most have never been able to secure permission to open up these special places to future trips … because we have leveraged the contacts of the magazine to open doors others simply cannot open.

The art alone is enough … but you’ll experience some of the most charming villages, stunning scenery, beautiful landscapes, and fine wines, all of it an added bonus. And because we’re going in October, we miss most of the tourists and the hot weather and see the colors of fall.

Yet the other hidden treasures of this trip are the people, and the friendships you’ll make. That’s why so many keep coming back; it’s like a family reunion. And new people become part of the family fast. Remember, we limit attendance to 48 carefully selected people, and there is only room for six couples.

Here’s what’s on the table:

A Fine Art Trip to the South of France. Four nights in Provence, October 11–15, and four nights in Nice, October 15–19. We’ll see two different regions in the South of France and the amazing treasures in each.

For those who can’t get enough, we’re offering a post-trip, where we fly nonstop to Edinburgh to spend four nights among the art treasures of Scotland, October 19–23.

And, though this is not a trip for painters, some of our guests do paint and sneak in a painting or two during shopping or free time. For those people, we’re offering a pre-trip painting experience in historic Saint-Paul de Vence, one of the most charming fortified hilltop villages of Provence. It has inspired artists for generations. This trip will be October 8–11.

A moment ago we talked about how a trip like this with a private curator was an experience available only to the jet set crowd, but in reality, most in that crowd would not have access to many of the experiences we’re offering … because of our deep connections in the art world, which open special doors.

And your private curator is none other than Peter Trippi, the editor-in-chief of Fine Art Connoisseur, a former museum director and an author and curator. His lectures are to die for, and his information when visiting collections is beyond amazing.

There will be only one celebration of our 10th anniversary, only one trip to the South of France and Scotland, and only one Saint-Paul de Vence pre-trip.

If you believe this trip sounds like the experience of a lifetime, please know that it is very special, and that we can only fit in six more couples. All the people with busy summers start booking about this time. Last year 11 requests came in at the last minute, and some were too late. Plus, we would like time to book your fares in advance.

Here’s how it works: You’ll send a top-priority e-mail to our highly qualified tour director, Gabriel, laying out all your burning questions. His e-mail is [email protected].

Or you can visit our website, which will answer most of your questions, and then you can book your trip right then and there. Visit www.finearttrip.com.

This trip is first class all the way, with 5-star hotels, exquisite meals, and special one-of-a-kind anniversary events.

We’re offering you an opportunity to treat yourself to a jaw-dropping art experience like no other. One guest who frequently travels on trips provided by a major museum told us, “Nothing compares to the Fine Art Connoisseur trip. These trips are exquisite, and even the museum can’t get us into the places you get us into.” (Guest’s name available upon request.)

Next step: Just click on this link to get started.


“Be Gabriel’s New Priority”

We call it that because we are offering you the chance to instantly become a “front burner” priority with Gabriel to answer all of your questions, get you booked, and move everything into immediate action.

Still … you need to qualify.

Imagine this. You go on the trip of a lifetime, spend a lot of time getting to know other guests, and you find that you are uncomfortable part of the time because one guest is simply not a fit with the others. That would be a tragedy.

One of the reasons we can celebrate a decade of trips is because this trip is not for everyone. Not everyone who applies will be accepted, and some have not been invited back.

There are plenty of people who love art and have the means, but simply don’t fit. But the only way to find out is to apply. Gabriel will conduct a brief interview to watch for any “red flags” that might prevent others from having a good time.

We’re not snobs. In fact, we prefer to make sure we fill the trip with friendly, fun people. They may be affluent, but they are certainly not snobs.

There’s one small catch:

Because time is such a factor here, if you’re absolutely positive you’re serious about this, we need to hear from you the minute you see this.

Do the math. We meet in France on October 11. Ideally, we want as much time as possible to secure great flight options and the best possible pricing. Time is running out.

The other issue is that we have room for exactly six couples. The other seats are already taken. (Yes, singles are welcome and encouraged. We’ve even seen some romance occur on our trips.) We keep it small to keep it exclusive, and there are places we cannot get into with more people.

So we’re asking that you contact Gabriel to hold your seat immediately, or go to our website right away and click the Register Now button.

If you call, you do not risk a penny, nor is there any obligation on your part. Gabriel will hold your seat for 24 hours until you are able to make sure you can accommodate your schedule to the trip.

Ready to book?

Step #1: Just click this link: https://finearttrip.com/france

Step #2: Click the Register Now button, and input your information and your credit card info.

Or phone Gabriel at 818.444.2700 for your answers and to place a 24-hour hold on your seat.

Step #3: If after 24 hours you decide this isn’t for you, or if we don’t think you’re a good fit, we will immediately refund your credit card. And we’ll part friends.

That’s it.

If you’re excited by this opportunity, it’s time to move.

We hope to hear from you soon.


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