Sky XV
60 x 48 in.
oil on linen
$12,000 available at Gallery Biba: 224A Worth Avenue Palm Beach, Florida 33480

My deep reverence for nature inspires everything I paint. With great attention to detail, light and mood, my paintings capture my sense of wonder and awe. Walking through a forest, looking up at the leafy green canopy and outstretched limbs of our lofty friends the trees, listening to birdsong and the wind rustling gives me great peace. Hundreds of hours of minute, detailed painting are required to bring that moment to others. Skies offer another source of wonder and help in changing our perspective, with ever-shifting formations of towering cumulous or wispy cirrus with glowing colors. Life is an experiment in ever-changing reality. Many of the things that support life on earth are in danger. The things we need to protect, in turn, if cared for, will protect us. Clean air and water, trees to help cool, filter air and keep the water cycle intact are all crucial to our survival.

Recently I have been traveling and exploring forests and wild areas to photograph vulnerable and vanishing trees. These photographs will then be used as reference material for individual tree portraits. I am taking video to capture the movement of wind and sounds of the ecosystems to accompany the tree paintings. I have been giving away native tree saplings at my exhibits for years and will continue to work to inspire others to care for our natural treasures.

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Gallery: Gallery Biba 224A Worth Avenue Palm Beach, Florida 33480

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Member of: The International Guild of Realism

Upcoming Exhibitions:
International Guild of Realism at Principle Gallery September 20–October 15, 2019
Natural Narrative, Cultural Council of Palm Beach, February 2020
Cornell Art Museum at Old School Square, June 2020