"Beneath the Haint Blue" by Richard T. Scott

Peter Trippi of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine recently co-hosted a conversation with Betty Stadish of the Wethersfield Academy for the Arts with special guests Zoey Frank, Arthur Haywood, and Richard T. Scott.


“The Wonder of Reading” by Arthur Haywood
“Lifted” by Arthur Haywood
“Cosmic Tales” by Arthur Haywood
“Where Liberty Dwells” by Richard T. Scott
“Nostalgia” by Richard T. Scott
“Washer Dryer” by Zoey Frank
“Watermelon” by Zoey Frank

Zoey Frank: https://zoeyfrank.com
Arthur Haywood: http://www.arthurhaywood.com
Richard T. Scott: http://richardtscott.com

The Wethersfield Academy for the Arts is hosting its 2020 Art Challenge Competition, judged by Peter Trippi in September. Please click here for the prospectus.

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