Barnyard Follies

As a teacher of Biology and Mathematics at Mary Institute in St. Louis, Missouri, I never
imagined that my future would involve professional artistic endeavors. Growing up, I had
no significant exposure to art, absorbing myself in academics while finding a natural ability
in athletics. I graduated cum laude with a BS degree in Biology from Southern Methodist
University in Dallas, Texas, before moving on to Saint Louis. I married Tom, a medical student at that time, and subsequently had three great children. With my love for children, I devoted years serving on the Board of Boy’s and Girl’s Club, and continued playing championship golf. Asa family, we became avid adventure travelers. A month in Nepal trekking in the Himalayas; an elephant safari in Botswana, were I swam with the elephants; teaching English to Vietnam Medical Resident’s while Tom lectured and worked in a Hanoi hospital.

Then, one afternoon “a chance touch of clay turned my world around!” Devotion to my garden, to the thrill of learning many new and difficult skills, I began a new career in my mid fifties of sculpting in bronze. You can imagine from my varied experiences and exceptional opportunities derived from my studies, and life itself, why my sculptures are eclectic in style and subject matter. Though I still delight in sculpting realistic children and animals, I now enjoy working with free and stylized forms.

The permanency and texture of bronze I love, and with so many varied patinas, my sculptures come to life. This is the case with Barnyard Follies, a piece created with my hands and heart, in hopes it will contribute to the joy of others. My delight in Barnyard Follies comes from watching doves flirting and playing outside of their farmyard nests. In the Women Artists of the West show at Settlers West in Tucson, Arizona, I was honored to have Barnyard Follies place third. The piece will be included in the next Sculpture in the Park show, where I will be a 19th year participant.

My current emphasis is with my website Here, you are invited to find shows I have entered, awards won, sculpture placements, and society memberships. I am particularly proud to be a member of Allied Artists of America, Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Club, Women Artists of the West, and Audubon Artists. Also, in the book, Sculpture of the Rockies, you might enjoy a featured article on myself.


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