He’s Never Touched Dirt and He’s Never Been Hurt
Oil on Wood Pane
24 x 24 in., 61 x 61 cm
Available through RJD Gallery
[email protected]

Rachel Moseley’s works capture life’s moments in the most truthful and colorful manner and invite us to imagine ourselves in those same scenes. A master of realism, Rachel’s candid portraits leave us wanting more, to explore the story behind the painting.

A California native, Rachel received her MFA from the Academy of Art in 2010 and her BFA from Chico State in 2007. After completing her MFA, Rachel began working as a freelance illustrator, focusing on developing her oil painting skills in her free time, and eventually transitioning into fine art and shifting her focus from client-based projects to personal work. She has exhibited her paintings across the United States and abroad and has been teaching and building curriculum for the Academy of Art since 2011.

“The goal of my work is to capture my subject at a reflective moment of insight when intimate conversation allows for an uncorking of long held and often unexamined experiences.  Rather than posing a model while I photograph reference for my paintings, I engage my sitters in conversation, sometimes lasting hours, and shoot candidly. Through this process I hope to capture the moments of truth that happen through storytelling, by being a compassionate listener and giving my subjects the opportunity to examine an experience at arm’s length and in the light of day.

I believe that involving myself intimately with my subjects makes me a more thoughtful painter and connects me very personally to each painting. I feel a great sense of responsibility to render the emotions of my subjects accurately and honestly. I strive for each piece to give the viewer the sense of sitting across from someone during an intimate conversation.”

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