Where Dragons Fly
Oil on Belgian Linen
30 x 24 in.

There are some places which inspire our imaginations to fleetingly leave the realm of reality and find ourselves squarely in the lands where knights still searched the kingdom in pursuit of quests worthy of their devotion. When painting this piece, it was my goal to elevate the landscape to a place where all possibility existed; to take the viewer back to the time of unabashed make-believe, a reminder of their own childhood. I wanted this landscape to transport the viewer to a place where exploration and adventure awaited around every bend. A place where “Dragons” really flew.

The notion that a sword of Avalon might exist at the bottom of this pond, waiting for the hand of the Goddess to present it, only able to be grasped by the one who is pure of heart & lived in harmony with the land…

To amplify the dreamy quality of the painting, I used no dark value deeper than the blue-violet range and kept the high key tones of the piece well under the top range. I wanted the viewer to be able to hear the buzz of those dragonflies and to be able to feel a gentle breeze as the background willows whispered their beckoning song to the traveler. To conjure the gentle lapping of the water as it and rose and fell with the breathing of the pond. To place them once again, transported to another place and time.

While we are certainly isolated and restricted at this incredibly unique time, like any trial, we are never without hope. We can almost feel a new dawn emerging, envisioning a new world of cooperation and a remote destiny waiting for us to claim it. All we must do is to have the courage to lift the veil. My hope is that you will stand at the edge of this pond and remember how the world felt to you when you believed anything was possible.

Christine is a Member of these Fine Art Organizations:
American Women Artists – Recently elected President / Signature member
Women Artists of the West – Master, Signature, Emeritus member / Advisor to the Board
National Oil & Acrylics Painters Society – Signature member

Washington Society of Landscape Painters – Publicity Chair

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