Sleigh Bells Ring
Oil on Belgian Linen
14 x 14 in., 22 x 22 in. framed
Available in the 2020 Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Opening reception July 16, 2020, show runs through August 16.

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, I developed an early love for horses and a passion for drawing. However, my love for the west flourished when my family later moved to Colorado. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from Colorado State University I went on to pursue an 18 year career as a fashion illustrator, but now, capturing horses in action is what excites me the most.

My intent and challenge as an oil painter today is to immerse the viewer into the atmosphere of my paintings through the use of loose, energetic and impressionistic brushwork as I strive to capture a split second in time.

The inspiration for Sleigh Bells Ring began the day my husband and I went to up to Granby, Colorado, to photograph sleigh horse teams. It was the coldest day I think I have ever experienced. The driver of this team didn’t mind though as she absolutely loved working with these horses. This was a new Belgian team, and she had accomplished a lot with their training over the season. Painting this team back in my studio brought back the excitement of being there and doing the photo shoot. I utilized several of my photo references in the composition of this painting to portray exactly what I had in mind. The horses paid no mind to the dog, and in fact seemed to follow him and go at his speed. I had to make this little Aussie part of the painting. Utilizing the warm colors of the horses against the cool colors of the background and incorporating them together to pull the horse team and the dog forward in the scene involved a lot of scraping down and rebuilding of paint. I wanted to create interest in the process by allowing parts of the under-painting to show as the build up of textures is evident. The expression of the driver says it all as far as enjoying the moment. This painting has a lot going on, but in the end, it’s just about listening to the sleigh bells and the sheer fun of the experience.

I am honored to have received prestigious awards from the Oil Painters of America, the American Impressionist Society, Women Artists of the West, and the American Academy of Equine Art. I am proud to be a featured artist in E. Ashley Rooney’s book 106 Artists of the Rocky Mountain West.

Organization Affiliations
The American Impressionist Society, Signature member
The Oil Painters of America, Associate member

Gallery Representation
RS Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg, TX
Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

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