If I Could Walk On Water by Dan Knepper
30 x 40 in.
Available from DanKnepperArt.com

PEACE, AND CHIPS OF COLORED GLASS. We are all looking for a little peace. Dan Knepper’s work offers quiet, contemplative, and timeless moments of captured light.
He has enjoyed an enviable artistic career with his work appearing in all the major art magazines, winning national and international acclaim, and having representation by six top galleries coast to coast.

Dan tries to maintain a purity and transparency of color as if painting with chips of colored glass in a style that bridges plein air and realism. His landscapes are transportive. You don’t stand before them, you feel as if you are transported to stand within the scene. You can hear the quiet rustling of the grass and leaves, the fall of the water and feel the atmosphere.

He is currently working on a western series with references from his travels thru the Tetons and Yellowstone in Wyoming and Glacier in Western Montana. He has stories to tell of laughter at meeting a bear, a new fascination for ground squirrels, air that smells incredible (pine and sagebrush,) and watching the sun rise to light the tips of the mountains, sliding down into the trees and working its way down into the water.

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You can find his work at:
Howard Mandville Gallery
Going to the Sun Gallery
Mary Williams Fine Art
Hayley Gallery
Vision Gallery
Art at the Mill, Millwood VA