Essence of Zion by Roland Lee
21 x 29 in.
Transparent Watercolor

Roland Lee’s Essence of Zion is the featured artwork for the Zion National Park “Art in the Age of Covid” event taking place online from September 3 – November 8 to benefit Zion National Park. For information about this event and to inquire about purchasing, visit

Roland Lee has explored the National Parks for over 40 years, capturing images with sketchbook and paintbrush. From his cabin on the east border of Zion National Park, Roland has intimately explored the peaks and canyons of Zion and his original paintings can be found in over 1700 museum, bank, corporate, university, and private art collections.

He was recently awarded the Utah Governor’s Mansion Medal for contribution to the arts in Utah. Roland’s paintings have been selected for exhibit by the National Watercolor Society, the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Arts for the Parks Top 100, and Paint the Parks Top 100 shows which toured America.

Roland’s paintings are featured in his new 160-page hardcover book Discovering Zion, A Pictorial Guide to the Landscape, Geology and History of Zion National Park. Forty of Roland’s Zion Canyon landscape paintings are included in the book Mukuntuweap, Landscape and Story of Zion Canyon. He is also featured in the books Art of the National Parks, Painters of Utah’s Deserts and Canyons, and Contemporary Western Artists.

Roland served on the Board of directors of the Zion Natural History Association and Zion National Park Foundation at Zion National Park for twelve years.

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