Hillbilly Hilton
18 x 24 in.
oil on linen
“Best Vehicle” PleinAir Salon
Available through Marta Stafford Fine Art

The Art of Krystal W. Brown is a painted view of the world and how she chooses to see it.

When asked about her most recent award “Best Vehicle” PleinAir Salon 12/20, Judge Scott A. Shields, Associate Director/Chief Curator, Crocker Art Museum for “Hillbilly Hilton,” Brown said this:

“I happened upon this incredible scene at the Tree House Cafe in Magnolia, Texas. The property was for sale and looked deserted, so I found a way in and painted it entirely on site. The path from my car to the place where the fence ended was well worn over the two afternoons I spent there. Someone had spent a lot of time creating that charming visual feast, and I had to paint it.”

Krystal W. Brown’s oil paintings celebrate the magnificence of the ordinary while holding space for the viewer in bold, impressionistic passages. Brown’s skill in drawing, combined with her unique technique, has garnered her multiple awards and collectors all over the country for her figurative and landscape art.

“I know that creating and the physical act of painting is for me, but what comes from that is almost always for someone else. It’s an invitation to stand where I’ve been, see what I’ve seen, and feel what I’ve felt. When it’s taken up by another, it’s given new life and the circle is complete.”

Krystal delights in sharing her knowledge and techniques, inspiring others to contribute their unique voice through art, in workshops, private instruction, and facilitating life groups.

Krystal W. Brown is proudly represented by Marta Stafford Fine Art in Marble Falls, Texas. You can also find her participating in Plein Air events, exhibiting with the Oil Painters of America, the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, and the Outdoor Painters Society.

For up-to-date workshop, show, and event schedules go to Krystal Brown Fine Art. Sign up for her insider’s circle for even more inspiration;

“Someone is waiting for what you will bring to the world. Why keep them waiting?”