Looking For Trouble
By Bryce Pettit
32 x 30 x 12 in.
$7,200 for the pair

Bryce Pettit grew up surrounded by nature. His deep love for the world around him and his desire to create art have always been closely linked. When he entered college, he studied biology and the natural sciences followed by graduate studies in ecology. Eventually, his passion for art became undeniable, and he focused full time on an art career.

Bryce believes the artistic strength of a sculpture is in the simplicity of its composition. He strives to pare each piece down to the minimum necessary to tell the story. When the composition is reduced to only the essentials, the intensity of the movement and impact of the form is pure and direct. Bryce resides in Durango, Colorado. Currently, he and his work are on display, along with 100 other artists, at the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale, Arizona, through March 28, 2021.

You can see more of his work at Celebration of Fine Art (celebrateart.com)