Oil painting of people on a beach

Vernazza Beach
20 x 16 in.
Oil on panel
Available through the artist

Camille Przewodek: “This painting is one of a series of studio paintings I have completed as a result of my trip to Italy in 2019. This painting “Vernazza Beach” was exhibited in the 2020 OPA National Juried Exhibition. I used reference photos I took on my trip along with a number of color studies done on location. As I have more than 35 years of experience painting on location, I feel I am able to effectively paint from photo reference. Also, in the studio, I can redesign and change the photo to suit my composition. For example, I used the beach towels to lead you into the painting and rearranged all the figures.”

In addition to her training at Wayne State University in Detroit and the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, Camille Przewodek studied color with impressionist master, Henry Hensche, at the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, MA. Today, Przewodek carries on Hensche’s tradition by teaching his color approach to others in workshops. The lineage of her instruction goes back through Hensche to his teacher Charles Webster Hawthorne, who had studied with William Merritt Chase. As with the French impressionists, American impressionism focused on painting outdoors and observing light and atmosphere on color. Unlike French impressionism, however, American impressionists tended to pay greater attention to the solidity of form. This was part of Hensche’s training: rather than drawing objects, then “coloring them in,” Przewodek learned to see and express the myriad subtleties of color relationships that create form.

Przewodek’s style, which quickly became distinctive for its rich saturated color and luscious oil paint, caught the attention of numerous clients during the decade when she worked as a commercial illustrator. “I was one of the few illustrators who didn’t look like an illustrator. I painted the way I liked to paint,” she says. When she landed accounts such as Alfa Romeo and Chateau St. Jean, Przewodek knew it was her commitment to capturing changing light that made the difference.

Przewodek believes that just about any scene is beautiful, if you are willing to seek out the beauty in it. “I paint light, that’s what I do. When people say they like a painting that has bright colors in it, they obviously like sunny days. For others the appeal is found in the cooler colors of gray days. The abstract relationships of the big structures and the masses of color are where I begin. How does the sky relate to a hill and to the foreground? I see the relationships and proportions of color in my mind, and then I go for it!”

Camille is an acknowledged authority on color who regularly serves as an entry and awards judge for various painting competitions and events. She is also a much sought-after instructor who annually teaches painting workshops across the country, and offers regular weekly classes close to home at her studio in Northern California.

She has been an invited instructor, lecturer, and panelist on the Hensche-Hawthorne approach to seeing and painting color at American Artist Magazine’s Weekend with the Masters as well a regularly featured, on-stage demonstrator at PleinAir Magazine’s Annual Plein Air Convention.

Camille is a Master Signature Member of the American Impressionist Society, American Women Artists, and Oil Painters of America, and she is currently represented by the Huse/Skelly Gallery on Balboa Island, California.

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