Oil painting of the Grand Canyon

Hidden Layers
By Kadin Goldberg
24 x 39 in.

During the 13th annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, 23 plein air artists from around the country gathered at Grand Canyon National Park to face the challenges the
canyon presents to those who attempt to capture its beauty, its vastness, its depth,
and its ever-changing light and weather patterns on canvas.

This is the third year Kadin Goldberg has participated in the event and his work this year reflects a deeper understanding of the canyon and its challenges.

All of the participating Celebration of Art artists submit a Grand Canyon themed studio painting prior to the event. Regarding his studio painting “Hidden Layers” Goldberg says:

“It was quieter than usual on the south rim with only a few individuals taking in the last light. Perhaps it had something to do with the season coming to an end, but the Canyon felt even more peaceful than usual this particular evening. As the sun slowly fell on the western horizon, shadows in the canyon unveiled hidden formations and obscured ones once observed. The color of the sun’s rays became warmer, shifting more towards oranges and reds. With the light changing quickly, I took a deep breath and began setting up my pallet.

“As a plein air painter I often get caught up in the excitement of catching the quickly moving light, but this day was different. A sense of calmness swept over me as I began to lay in the first colors. As the purple grey shadows climbed the interior canyon walls I took my time to capture the atmospheric subtleties and warm sunlight in the scene that inspired “Hidden Layers.”

The work of these accomplished artists (both studio and plein air work) will be exhibited and available for purchase at Kolb Studio on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park through January 17, 2022 or online at:


For more information contact Kathy Duley at [email protected] or 480-277-0458.