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Chris Nunnally with his son, Michael

Christopher Rivers Nunnally (1958-2022) was collegial to all of us here at Fine Art Connoisseur / Streamline Publishing. It is with great sadness that we share with you the following …

Dear Salmagundi Family and Friends,

Our devoted Director of Operations, Chris Nunnally, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, January 25th after a short but severe illness. His family was by his side, in the hospital. Words are not easy to find, but here are a few from the two Chairmen who knew him best, myself and Tim Newton, who had the honor of serving with Chris for eight years:

“He will go straight to Heaven” is how Pam Singleton responded to the news of Chris’s tragic death yesterday. I cannot agree more, and suspect he will start organizing the place on arrival. Over the last decade I have come to know and respect Chris Nunnally as a friend, confidante, advisor, colleague and general pillar of strength at our club. Chris was always there, mentally and physically, ready and willing to fix any problem that arose, even plumbing issues at 2.00AM…

Since I became Chairman three years ago Chris and I grew much closer. We talked, texted and emailed regularly, often several times a day, and I could always rely on his judgment and remarkable variety of talents. Among his finest attributes were patience and consideration of others. Chris approached everything with good humor and optimism, despite the daily frustrations of managing a 170 year-old historic building, overseeing numerous staff and, his greatest challenge, dealing with the concerns and demands of countless volunteer members.

I have nothing but fine and happy memories of Chris, way too many of them to ever forget him, and I know he will always be by my side and at our club in spirit.

Chris Nunnally Salmagundi director obituary
Chris Nunnally at Salmagundi painted by Carol Teller in the private collection of Tim Newton

I believe I speak for every Salmagundian and member of our extended family when I say we will enthusiastically support Chris’ legacy. To this end our club will be sending you a link to a ‘GoFundMe’ page within a few days, created by Chris’s family and dedicated to his son Michael. Michael is a fine young man and highly talented basketball player currently attending university with several college years ahead. I cannot imagine what Michael and Chris’s family are going through now, and ask you all to respect their request for privacy at this time.

At your service and R.I.P. my very good friend…
Nick Dawes
Chairman & CEO Salmagundi

If you’d like to make a donation, you can honor Chris by helping to fund his son’s college education through this GoFundMe fundraiser.



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