Alan Fetterman playing guitar in studio
Alan Fetterman in studio

How do you find Inspiration?

Alan Fetterman: Art is a powerful and faithful force. It is the mirror of our existence. It opens communications, understandings, awareness, vibrancy, insight and passion for a better way of life. It is in great part what unites us. Being an artist is simply showing your neighbors what you think and feel. But as a whole, art becomes a reflection of us all and inspiration to create abounds in all aspects of life…from the sentience of nature to the well- being of humanity. Letting the inspiration in and allowing it to develop via observation is step one. Step two is applying great effort and commitment time and time again.

Bucks County Pennsylvania has been my home for over 60 years. Much of my direct inspirations come from my homeland. Bucks County is, in great part, a Mecca for the arts. It’s a painter’s paradise tried and true, and the action of painting outdoors is a large part of my growth. I have painted hundreds of pieces outdoors achieving my own fervent expression within the surrounding waterways and by ways. Being Bucks County’s first artist-in-residence is telltale of the inspirational commitment to this wonderful region I get to call home.

To see more of Alan’s work, visit:

oil painting of cityscape in snow
Alan Fetterman, “Spring Valley, winter,” oil on linen, 32 x 32 in., 2014
oil painting of flowers in vase
Alan Fetterman, “Bucket of Joy,” oil on linen, 24 x 20 in., 2018


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