oil painting of cityscape at night, after rain
Richard Boyer, Clearing Storm in Manhattan, 30 x 30 in., oil on Board - Berkley Gallery, Warrenton, VA

Richard Boyer: I had a request from Berkley Gallery in Warrenton, VA to do some more Manhattan painting for some of their clients. The owner told me they seemed to hit a chord with collectors. 2. “Taxi Ride into the City”, won the best building Award during the 9th Annual Plein Air Salon.

The inspiration for these works was from a trip we did to Manhattan just before Christmas, the rain just made the city glow.

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oil painting of inside city with taxis
Richard Boyer, Taxi Ride into the City. 30 x 30 in., oil on board – Berkley Gallery, Warrenton, VA
oil painting of cityscape during the day
Richard Boyer, Midday in Manhattan, 30 x 30in., Oil on board – Berkley Gallery, Warrenton, VA


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