Photo of Aida Garrity

How do you describe success?
Aida Garrity: For me success has come in different ways. I feel that I have been successful on working hard to improve my art over the years. This has been validated by the acceptance of my art into national shows and by my collectors’ acquisition of my paintings for them to enjoy in their homes with family and friends. It gives me a great joy to see their faces of joy and admiration when they receive the paintings.

How do you find inspiration?
Aida Garrity: I find my inspiration in the wonders of life and beauty, capturing individual personalities, moods and emotions. I like the challenge of crafting a composition that evokes emotion and transmits a story to the viewer. I also cultivate my creativity by painting plein air with friends in different areas of the country and by travelling internationally with different groups of artists. I am also experiencing the use of other media like gouache and watercolor which I mainly used in my studies due to their practicality when I am painting away from my studio.

To see more of Aida’s work, visit:

oil painting of two children sitting and talking
Aida Garrity, The Whisper, 30 x 24 in., Oil, 2022
oil painting of girl sitting in garden picking from it
Aida Garrity, Garden Memories, 12 x 9 in., Oil, 2022


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