Artist Nadine Robbins with Spotlight Award painting, Kara
Artist Nadine Robbins with Spotlight Award painting "Kara"

How do you describe success?
Nadine Robbins: As a creative person, I define success in many ways. First, supporting other artists enriches both their and my experiences in the art world. The joy and comradery are infectious! Second is my commitment to creating artwork that I’m proud of. Staying true to my unique vision while constantly pushing myself to grow and experiment is good for the soul. And lastly, having the good fortune to paint full-time. Not everyone is as fortunate.

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portrait oil painting of a woman with blue hair and blue eyes
Nadine Robbins, Kara, oil on linen, 24 x 24 in, 2021

Nadine Robbins: “Kara” is a portrait painting of my hair stylist, who had blue hair the day I came to her salon. It was a perfect match for her eyes, and I asked if I could paint her. She agreed. The result has a strong and melancholy emotion which is exactly who she is.

oil painting of clam on ice with lemon and a spoon
Nadine Robbins, Fishers Island Memory, oil on linen, 24 x 36 in, 2017


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