landscapes and seascapes - Krystal Allen,
Krystal Allen, "Emerging Cathedrals," 12 x 24 in., 2023

Landscapes and Seascapes On View: “Krystal Allen: Love of Nature”
Original oil and watercolor landscape and seascape paintings of the American west.
Clymer Museum of Art
Ellensburg, Washington
Through March 25, 2023

“In the process of creativity, I find that the ends are a reward for the means,” says artist Krystal Allen. “The joy of creating an imagery of a moment or an emotion, and being able to share it with others, is the essence of my art. My intense love for both natural beauty and creating art makes for a wonderful combination. There are so many beautiful things to be painted and shared with the world, I feel it is an honor to have been given the talent to do so.”

“Krystal Allen’s paintings reveal a flawless demonstration of how light and shadow embrace the landscape,” said the curator. “This emphasizes the rugged energy of the terrain. Her technique works whether painting mountains, valleys, or rivers. Her refined attention to detail allows her to consistently create coherent compositions while presenting nature without exaggerated gestures or romanticism. This lends itself to giving the work a raw power, and an opportunity for the viewer to share this sensation through the honest beauty in her work.”

landscape painting - Krystal Allen, "Morning Glory," 18 x 24 in., oil on canvas, 2022
Krystal Allen, “Morning Glory,” 18 x 24 in., oil on canvas, 2022

About Krystal Allen:

Krystal was born and raised in the northeast, and she has lived in the west since 1974, residing in California and Colorado before moving to central Oregon. Her love of art began as a small child when she would spend countless hours drawing and dreaming of being an artist. Having been raised in a large, supportive, creative family, she was encouraged to follow her dream from the beginning. Her parents and grandparents were major influences on her creativity; they were cabinet makers, draftsmen, artists, seamstresses, and gardeners.

Most of her formal training took place when she was young and fortunate enough to have the same art teacher throughout her primary and secondary education. His guidance helped her to explore the many mediums that were available to the visual artist, to refine her abilities, and to focus on what she wanted to do creatively. Later in college, she concentrated on design and graphics while studying commercial art and marketing, as well as painting.

Influenced early on by the Hudson River School, the Surrealists, and the Impressionists, her work is constantly growing to encompass craftsmanship, sensitivity, and a sense of space and time. Finding inspiration in the natural world and light, she translates emotions into a visual image of a moment in time. Her goal is to create a body of work that will convey her perception of our beautiful world through a legacy of paintings.

Krystal is a current member of the Plein Air Paints of Oregon. She worked for 9 years as the West Coast Marketing Manager for PleinAir and Fine Art Connoisseur magazines and retired at the onset of the pandemic. She now spends the bulk of her time painting landscapes and seascapes and gardening.

seascape painting - Krystal Allen, "Lake Abert Sunset," 9 1/2 x 13 3/8 in., watercolor, 2022
Krystal Allen, “Lake Abert Sunset,” 9 1/2 x 13 3/8 in., watercolor, 2022

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