photo of artist standing in front of two paintings, and next to a head bust of a woman
Artist Photo- Marcia Holmes. Celebrating 10 years- FAC first feature, Art Abounds in New Orleans, Marcia’s Garden District Exhibition

What’s the best thing about being an artist?
Marcia Holmes: Living the artist’s life encompasses the best of an enormous range of emotion; the wonder and gift of creativity alone, dreaming art and pursuing the visions I’m compelled to paint, the boundless freedom of artistic expression; fulfillment, exhilaration, surprise revelations of self-discovery and beauty of unexpected finishes accomplished!!

Being a wanderlust, I’ve added a personal joy of being an artist, which is “I paint to travel and travel to paint. I’ll share an excerpt from my catalogue Anecdotes from Water’s Edge, 2017/2018-Degas Gallery, New Orleans Solo Exhibition, post a France painting excursion: “I am grateful for the experiences enjoyed, and further to be able to reveal the open heart of an artist, a voyager, a woman of conscience and faith. There is no comparison to being alone in nature. For me it is the closest thing to God and ultimate freedom.”

The Lagniappe, bonus of being an artist, is the personal relationships formed meeting collectors, working with art professionals, students, and just talking art with friends! This connectivity is the best part of living an artist’s life!

To see more of Marcia’s work, visit:

pastel painting of a field in the background surrounded by luscious trees and bushes. painting predominately green
Marcia Holmes, “Central Park Path III,” 36 x 36 in., Pastel/Paper, 2021. Degas Gallery, New Orleans, LA
impressionistic; closeup of water; leaves floating in water
Marcia Holmes, “Fontaine-de-Vaucluse,” Oil/Archival Paper, 9 x 12 in., 2022, Fontaine-de-Vaucluse (Plein Air-France); Degas Gallery, New Orleans, LA


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