Embodied: Works by Aristides and Medici


On View > Juliette Aristides and Dominique Medici: Embodied
Figure Ground Art Gallery
Seattle, Washington
April 6 – 27, 2023
(Collector Preview: Tuesday, April 4)

"Window" by Juliette Aristides
“Window” by Juliette Aristides

From the gallery:

“Embodied” is a must-see exhibition of new works by two local and nationally celebrated figurative painters, Juliette Aristides and Dominique Medici.

These works emerged during the transformative time of the pandemic, in which we all navigated degrees of isolation and virtual experience. They seek to capture the “fully embodied life,” a celebration of the human form and spirit, and an ode to the power of art in the world beyond the screen.

Aristide’s works include figures, florals, and interior scenes. Medici’s works present moments from the Hindu festival of colors, love, and spring, known as “Holi.”

"Interior 2" by Juliette Aristides
“Interior 2” by Juliette Aristides
figurative art "Nude 1" by Juliette Aristides
“Nude 1” by Juliette Aristides
"Holi 1" by Dominique Medici
“Holi #1” by Dominique Medici
“Holi #3” by Dominique Medici
"Holi #6" by Dominique Medici
“Holi #6” by Dominique Medici

Of special note: Juliette received the Fine Art Connoisseur Lifetime Achievement Award at Realism Live in 2022.


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