George actively painting en plein air
Following college, George travelled through France, Italy and Holland making numerous paintings “en plein air”. This is still his practice today.

How did you get started and then develop your career?
George Van Hook: I began painting at a very early age, my sister (one year older than me) is also a professional artist, so we spent a great deal of time painting together as kids. That just naturally flowed into my becoming an artist, and I have never done anything else. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by many others who had similar ambitions, and over time the professional aspect of my career developed.

How do you find inspiration?
George Van Hook: I have never sought out “inspiration”. I think that if you’re committed to being an artist, you find it everywhere. The real joy of following this path is having your inner feelings mirrored by the external world, and being able to marry them into a work of art.

To see more of George’s work, visit:

oil painting of overlooking rugged terrain of mountians and hills, with trees flowing through; houses in the middle
George Van Hook, “Elysium,” 30 x 40in., oil on linen
oil painting of woman reading inside, surrounded by light coming through the windows
George Van Hook, “At the Window,” 30 x 24in., oil on linen


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