Artist posing with her picture
Emma Kalff in her studio after completing “Some Superstitions”

How do you find inspiration?
Emma Kalff: I am always finding subject matter in everyday situations – two friends having a smoke or an animated conversation, folks playing games at the bar, someone taking a lonely walk at midnight. I feel there is so much poetry in the everyday. The entire human drama unfolds in everyone’s little kitchen at sundown.

What is the best thing about being an artist?
Emma Kalff: The best (and the worst) part of being an artist is being alone with your dreams all day long. You have to continually pull them out of your head and onto the canvas, which takes a surprising amount of physical labor. In this way you are always suspended between reality and the dream, coming and going between realms to deliver your message. One finds oneself in a very exciting position here!

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oil painting of person bending down in bottom right; cool colors throughout the painting
Emma Kalff, “Some Superstitions,” Oil on Panel, 24 x 48 in., 2022
oil painting of two people looking at a painting in a museum; the painting is of two people outside
Emma Kalff, “Reservations,” Oil on Panel, 12 x 12 in., 2023


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