Ivan in his studio with “Sign 2” - oil on linen board, 18x14

How did you get started and then develop your career?
Ivan Pazlamatchev: It started with graduating from Art school in Sofia, Bulgaria. And as the Berlin wall crumbled, I left for Germany. Year and a half later, after two solo shows there, I moved to the US. Did a lot of different things in New York. Had solo shows and participated in group exhibitions in the US and Europe. Then I joined the local Scenic Artists Union and have been working on film and theater productions ever since. Splitting my time between my studio and the scenic shops. All of these experiences have had and still do impact my career as an artist.

How do you find inspiration?
Ivan Pazlamatchev: Curiosity is the foundation. From that position there are always things, external or from within, that would make me want to take a multi view approach at understanding them. Would invite me to interpret them for myself. In that process, visual ideas and decisions will start to take shape.

To see more of Ivan’s work, visit:
Instagram: @ivan_pazlamatchev_art


oil painting of tilted headshot; wearing crown, makeup, red hair and red clothes
Ivan Pazlamatchev, “Corona,” oil on canvas, 12 x 12 in., 2023


oil painting of a woman's headshot with patterned red background
Ivan Pazlamatchev, “Sign 3,” oil on linen board, 18 x 14 in., 2022


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