Painting of
Painting of "The Youngest Dancer" on easel in Carole's studio

Carole Belliveau: When I visited Santa Fe New Mexico in 2017, the first stop was to the iconic Plaza where I found the annual Fiesta in full swing. The Plaza was crowded with Mariachi Musicians, picnickers on the grass and dancers lining up at the stage to perform. I was entranced by the excited little girls in their Mexican costumes. This new collection Ballet Folklorico celebrates the traditions and community spirit of New Mexico, a spirit that convinced me to move here.

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oil painting of dancers in red-orange dresses with one in white dress
“The Youngest Dancer,” Carole Belliveau, 18×18 in., Oil, 2023
oil painting of two children in white dresses with red sashes dancing
“Tiny Dancers,” Carole Belliveau, 12×12 in., Oil, 2023