landscape paintings - Sharon Weaver,
Sharon Weaver, "Golden Bay," oil with gold leaf, 18 x 24 in.

“From Field to Frame: The PAC6 Show How It’s Done”
Santa Paula Art Museum, California
On view through July 7, 2024

The PAC6 Painters return to the Santa Paula Art Museum with an all-new exhibition, “From Field to Frame: The PAC6 Show How It’s Done.” PAC6 is a group of six women artists from Southern California who travel and paint together across the country. The artists are Linda Brown, Marian Fortunati, Nita Harper, Debra Holladay, Laura Wambsgans, and Sharon Weaver.

The PAC6 painters in Palm Springs
The PAC6 painters in Palm Springs

For PAC6, “From Field to Frame” marks ten years of collaboration, and is their third major exhibition for the Santa Paula Art Museum. The show features over 70 new landscape paintings, including scenes from the group’s most recent “bucket list” trips to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley in Arizona, and Hope Valley and the Monterey Peninsula in California. In other paintings, the artists have revisited some of their favorite destinations from the past decade, including Yosemite, Ediza Lake, and Lake Tahoe.

Laura Wambsgans, "Sun Kissed Morning"
Laura Wambsgans, “Sun Kissed Morning”
Linda Brown, "Canyon Air"
Linda Brown, “Canyon Air”

The exhibit also offers a peek behind the curtain of the creative processes used by the PAC6, showing each artist’s journey from a small plein air (outdoors) painting or sketch executed on location, to a final, framed masterpiece created in the studio.


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