Since its introduction during the 2nd century BCE in China, paper has provided astronomers, philosophers, mathematicians, and artists an affordable surface on which to record their ideas. An upcoming exhibition is bringing together a collection of works that embody the versatile nature of paper.
Featuring artists such as Casey Baugh, Rick Berry, Candice Bohannon, Kim Cogan, Gregory Mortenson, and many more, Arcadia Contemporary is offering a fresh exhibition showcasing the versatility of paper across a wide spectrum. The exquisite drawings of Amaya Gurpide display soft, atmospheric spaces with masterfully rendered figures. “Maryum” — a graphite, black Conte, gouache, and white chalk drawing — is stunning in the range and depth of the figure. Gurpide’s chiaroscuro is done so well that the sitter nearly breathes on the page.
Julio Reyes’ “Lost” highlights paper’s ability to accept wet mediums as well — in this case acrylic and encaustic. A central three-quarter figure is presented as she gazes out of the picture. Her face has a distinct texture that contrasts against the flattened, sharp planes of color that compose her hair, scarf, and shirt.

Julio Reyes, “Lost,” 2015, acrylic and encaustic on paper, 9.5 x 10.5 in. Arcadia Contemporary

Additionally, Arcadia Contemporary reports, “Also included are seventeen works presented in collaboration with Moleskine — SoHo. Moleskine, the legendary notebook favored by the likes of Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, equips a new generation of artists, presented here at Arcadia Contemporary. Each custom-made notebook contains a unique work of art, detachably mounted within. These works have become autonomous in their own right, and the notebooks that encase them are mementos of this first-ever collaboration between Moleskine — SoHo and Arcadia Contemporary.”
“Works on Paper” opens tomorrow, August 14, and will be on view through August 31.
To learn more, visit Arcadia Contemporary.
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