The parallels between visual and audible art is a well-documented – and often explored – relationship.  From representations of musicians and muses to exquisite instruments, one exhibition is illuminating the art of music.
Whether it be Classical, traditional, abstract, or avant-garde the full spectrum of various styles and art forms are on full display at the San Diego Museum of Art.  “The Art of Music” will present all types of people and tastes with something to enjoy beginning September 26.  The exhibition offers a diverse exploration of the relationship between art and music from various cultures and times across the globe.  The museum writes, “Throughout history and around the globe, music has been a source of inspiration for visual art in a wide variety of ways. “The Art of Music” highlights the complex relationships between these prominent and intertwining branches of creative expression, combining works from the Museum’s permanent collection with loans from major museum and private collections.”

“Lyre Guitar,” early 19th century, (c) The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Shiv Chand, “Madhumadhavi Ragini of Bhairav,” ca. 1610, watercolor, (c) San Diego Museum of Art 2015

Thomas Wilmer Dewing, “Lady with Lute,” 1886, oil on wood, (c) National Gallery of Art 2015

All told, the exhibition will feature nearly 200 objects ranging from instruments, sculptures, paintings, installation, video, and sound art.  Continuing, the museum reports, “Spanning media, time, and culture, “The Art of Music” is focused around three central themes. The first examines the motif of the musician and the symbolic nature of this figure in works as diverse as Greek terracotta figures, Chinese metalwork, and Western portraits of celebrated musicians. The second section considers the social function of music and its public and private rituals. The third and final section explores representations of the sounds, emotions, and sights of music, from Indian Ragamala paintings to modern and contemporary interpretations of the colors and forms evoked by music.”
“The Art of Music” opens on September 26 and will be on view through February 7.
To learn more, visit The San Diego Museum of Art.
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