On view in Texas is a rarely seen but renowned collection of Islamic Art.
More than 60 masterworks in a variety of mediums feature in a current exhibition of the Kier Collection at the Dallas Museum of Art. Everything from rock crystal, metalwork, ceramics, textiles, and carpets to works on paper will keep even the pickiest of art lovers entertained. The collection is on a 15-year loan at the museum and is rarely exhibited.
The museum writes, “The Keir Collection is recognized by scholars as one of the world’s most geographically and historically comprehensive, encompassing almost 2,000 works, in a range of media, that span 1,300 years of creativity.”

Ewer, Egypt, late 10th-early 11th century, rock crystal and gold, 12 in. (c) Dallas Museum of Art 2015

A particularly outstanding example is a carved rock crystal ewer, which displays textbook examples of Persianate lion motifs and Greek-inspired Islamic patterning. Another manuscript painting displays quintessential Islamic-designed pointed domes, which radiate around the exterior of both folios.
“Spirit and Matter: Masterpieces from the Keir Collection of Islamic Art” opened on September 18 and will be on view through July 31.
To learn more, visit the Dallas Museum of Art.
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