Madrid’s Museo del Prado has long been recognized as one of the world’s premier museums for its outstanding collections and frequent blockbuster exhibitions. Art lovers from all across the globe can now experience the museum in a new way. How?
Experiencing the Museo del Prado’s world-renowned collection can now be as simple as the click of a mouse. Just a few days ago, the museum unveiled a new website that “positions [it] in the vanguard of the museums on the net,” the museum writes. With technology changing rapidly from day to day and week to week, institutions around the world are increasingly moving toward digitization, making their masterpieces available to a nearly unlimited audience.

The collections webpage (c) Museo del Prado 2015

Continuing, the museum states that “the new website is provided with a complex technological development and has been designed to absolutely focus on the image and documentation of the artwork. This new way of featuring the Prado collection in the digital world allows users to enjoy the full scope of the museum and delve into its collection in a quick user-friendly interface.”
On the homepage, users are presented with a selection of currently on-view exhibitions with marvelous high-resolution images. Crisp and elegant tabs populate the top, where users can choose between the museum’s collection, visitor information, exhibitions, and more. Navigating from the homepage and into the collections, one is immediately enticed by the pieces dubbed “masterpieces” from the museum’s permanent collection. When one of those works is selected, an interactive interface appears that allows one to explore the artwork in vivid detail and stunning clarity. Below are navigable features that allow one to search the collection.
From our experience here at Fine Art Today, the new website is crisp, clean, fluid, and populated with stunning images that are almost as good as the works themselves … almost.
To explore the outstanding website for yourself, visit Museo del Prado.
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