Opening soon at the acclaimed Gallery 1261 in Denver, Colorado, is the 13th incarnation of the space’s group exhibition. When?
Featuring a large array of artists, styles, and techniques, the outstanding Gallery 1261 in Denver, Colorado, is poised to open its 13th “Group Show XIII” on February 5. According to the gallery, “This exhibition explores a variety of different themes and subject matter, from the abstract to the realistic, in a wide range of styles. What is most apparent is the discerning sense of direction and vision of each artist. While the more formal qualities are what tie them together, there is no apparent theme. The strength lies in each artist’s unique ability to convey their subjects prominently while highlighting what makes them some of the best artists in their respective genres today.”

Mia Bergeron, “Let It Break,” oil on panel, 24 x 24 in. (c) Gallery 1261 2016

Gregory Block, “Blue and Green,” oil on board, 10 x 18 in. (c) Gallery 1261 2016

Some of the notable artists include Gregory Block, Jordan Wolfson, Mia Bergeron, Quang Ho, David Grossman, and Ulrich Gleiter. Continuing, the gallery notes, “from still life, to figurative, to landscape, each work on view presents its viewer with an opportunity to dive in and start off the new year engaging with work from some of the best working artists today.”

David Cheifetz, “Legend on Yesler,” oil, 20 x 16 in. (c) Gallery 1261 2016

“Group Show XIII” opens on February 5 and will hang through March 12.
To learn more, visit Gallery 1261.
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