Two leaders in a movement of young artists working to revive traditional landscape painting techniques are the subjects of a compelling exhibition at the Union League Club in New York City. When?
Realism and academic traditions in art appear to be experiencing a resurgence, and many of us can barely sit still as we eagerly witness the cultural shift in taste. Two artists at the forefront of reviving traditional landscape techniques, particularly those of the Hudson River School, are Erik Koeppel and Lauren Sansaricq, who are the subjects of an enlightening exhibition at the Union League Club in New York.

Lauren Sansaricq, (c) Lauren Sansaricq 2016

Having met each other in 2009 while painting in the Catskill Mountains, Sansaricq and Koeppel have “traveled together across the United States and abroad, painting glorious landscapes in the humble and honest manner of their forefathers” the club says. “It should be noted, however, that these works are not copies from art’s illustrious past, but in fact represent a new movement reviving our nation’s past artistic ideals. Both artists adamantly believe that the underlying philosophy of celebrating the glory of nature is an urgently needed voice in today’s culture. This assertion has been well proven by the extensive success both artists have found nationwide, in the form of awards, publications, exhibitions, and collectability. The public has been further amazed to learn that Lauren and Erik create their work by the traditional process of drawing and sketching outdoors in nature and without the use of photography. 
“This exhibition includes a broad array of subjects, from the South of France, to the Rocky Mountains, to the pastures of the Hudson Valley where American Landscape Painting was born. We welcome you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, and allow your mind to rest in the peaceful ideal nature contained within these paintings.” 
“Kindred Spirits” opened on February 2 and will be on view through February 29.
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