Florida’s beautiful landscape gets a fresh, contemporary look from the creative mind of artist John Dowd during this outstanding solo exhibition. What gallery is playing host, and when?
On view now through March 30 at Miami Beach’s Williams McCall Gallery, “Tropical Gardens” is a captivating solo exhibition from painter John Dowd, who offers his latest contemporary look into Florida’s landscape.

John Dowd, “Oasis,” oil on canvas, 14 x 18 in. (c) Williams McCall Gallery 2016

Of the exhibition, Dowd writes, “This show is a further exploration of my interest in the landscape of Southern Florida… the surreal juxtaposition of the geometric modernist architecture often with vivid colors set against the lush tropical vegetation… the highly artificial night lighting creating a sense of the romantic and yet unreal… dreamlike… vacillating between the worlds of attraction and detachment. This is what I see.” What Dowd sees is what audiences get: gorgeous paintings that highlight this juxtaposition between the natural and manmade, the geometric and organic.
To learn more, visit Williams McCall Gallery.
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