Robert Lange Studios is overjoyed to present a series of recent works by acclaimed painter Adam Hall this summer. As many venture out into the wilderness, Hall seeks to remind viewers that nature is untamable.
August will be an exciting month at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina, as the riveting exhibition “Untamed” opens — a solo display of recent works from renowned painter Adam Hall. Known for his landscapes, particularly his waterscapes, Hall “builds up his compositions using oil paint in multiple layers and various thicknesses to compose unique interpretations in paint,” the gallery writes.

Adam Hall, “Waking Up,” oil, 36 x 36 in. (c) Robert Lange Studios 2016

Speaking on the theme of “Untamed,” Hall suggested, “The body of work in its entirety creates a space for wonder, contemplation, and hopefully may ignite a spark of inspiration in someone. The theme ‘Untamed’ came from a simple thought of how nature is untamable, it is ever changing, cannot be controlled, and is unpredictable. It then took a transition into the idea of how life can have a way of taming us or domesticating us to a fault sometimes. Really, if I’m honest I’ve felt that a lot over the past few years. I’ve had to be very intentional to find time for myself and discover healthy routines to keep my dreams and adventurous spirit alive.”
“Untamed” opens on August 5 and will be on view through August 26. To learn more, visit Robert Lange Studios.
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