Part of the challenge for landscape painters is harnessing the majesty, grandeur, totality, and eternity of an expansive view and reducing it into a small, flat rectangle. Artist Tom Murray has it down, and he lives and works in stunning New Mexico.
Is it a low horizon line? Or perhaps a panoramic format? Whatever the qualities may be, landscape painter Tom Murray has the right combination. “Earth and Sky” is a gorgeous solo exhibition at Manitou Galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that opened on June 17.
Living and working in Santa Fe, Murray is constantly surrounded by many of the most beautiful vistas in the world. Indeed, he has mastered the ability to translate these views into brush and paint, which has earned the artist national notoriety and countless awards. The gallery reports, “Murray has developed a strong connection with the landscape and its ever changing beauty. Murray is well-known for his dramatic paintings of the Grand Canyon, cloudscapes and landscapes. He has created a wide variety of artwork as well, from abstract to photo-realism, but has specialized in landscape since 1980.”
To learn more, visit Manitou Galleries.
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