A beautiful arrangement of fine art is available July 9 via WACA Auctions in St. Louis, Missouri, including a breathtaking oil by one of America’s preeminent landscape painters. Who was he, and which masterpieces are available?
WACA Auctioneers in St. Louis, Missouri, is overjoyed to be selling a number of outstanding artworks during its July 9 “19th and 20th Century Fine Art and Prints” sale. The auction presents both the casual and experienced collector with a number of tantalizing lots — including originals from monumental artists and prints of their iconic masterpieces.
Among the most notable artworks available are two incredible landscapes by the late Laurence Sisson (1928-2015), one of America’s most celebrated artistic minds. Sisson was known for tirelessly working and reworking watercolors to achieve his desired composition before moving to the studio. The results often speak for themselves, as his works are widely collected by both public and private institutions.
“New Mexico Desert Landscape” is particularly impressive — not to mention its estimate of $3,000-$5,000. One is immediately struck by the scorching red cliff faces that soar toward the upper edge of the canvas. Sisson has captured beautifully how the rocks have recorded millions of years of tectonic movement, erosion, and more. Below the vertical cliffs winds a calm stream in pastel greens and blues that balance the palette.
To learn more about the sale, visit WACA Auctioneers.
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