On July 8, Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, opens a major exhibition of new works from a contemporary master of brush and paint. Find out who he honors in the show and get a sneak peek at the stunning works to be unveiled this month.
“To Capture Beauty” is a solo exhibition sending waves across the contemporary art world this month. Hosted by the lovely Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, “To Capture Beauty” will feature the latest works to emerge from the hand of masterful painter Daniel Gerhartz.
The show will feature 17 new works by Gerhartz, including three canvases that pay tribute to the celebrated French author Victor Hugo and the characters in his seminal novel “Les Misérables.”

Daniel Gerhartz, “To Capture Beauty,” oil, 60 x 40 in. (c) Meyer Gallery 2016

Collectors of Gerhartz’s work have always admired the artist’s fluidity with the brushstrokes and the life he imbues into every single one. Moreover, his adroit attention to light, shadow, texture, and composition are at a level few artists attain. The exhibition is sure to be a delight to anyone fortunate enough to be in the area through the end of July.
To learn more or view the full catalogue, visit Meyer Gallery.
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