On view this month in Naples, Florida, is a magnetic exhibition of new works from Rustem Stahurski. You won’t believe the beauty he creates through paint so frothy and thick, it almost looks good enough to eat.
We’ve all had moments when a birthday cake has been lathered in frosting almost to the point of not being edible, and the gorgeous paintings by Rustem Stahurski add a similar sensory dimension through their captivating impasto. East|West Fine Art in Naples, Florida, is pleased to be presenting Stahurski’s recent oils this month in “Out in the Country Side,” a solo exhibition featuring 10 of the artist’s canvases. Viewers will undoubtedly be reminded of Van Gogh’s surfaces upon first glance, but where Van Gogh applied more linear quality to his compositions, Stahurski appears to migrate toward Impressionism. The combination of both thick paint and expressive — sometimes chaotic — brushwork leaves each work bursting with movement and life.
“Out in the Country” opens on July 8 and will be on view through July 29. To learn more, visit East|West Fine Art.
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